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Chocolate Mousse Cake

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Chocolate Mousse Cake

With so many different types of  out there, it’s difficult for many cake lovers to pick a favorite. One that often tops everyone’s favorites list, however, is mousse cake. It’s for great reason that this rich and creamy cake makes fans go wild. It is often served dressed up with toppings in fine dining restaurants and it makes a great addition to a party or holiday event.


What’s In It?

So what’s in a  mousse cake anyway? Well, the exact ingredients can vary per recipe and there are several variations out there but popular ingredients in many recipes are egg whites, sugar, butter, vegetable oil, hazelnuts and unsweetened cocoa powder. Chocolate mousse cake is different from regular chocolate  because it is made without flour. You can decorate your finished chocolate mousse cake with many different types of toppings. Whipped cream and syrup of different flavors are some popular choices used by other chocolate mousse cake fans.

When to Have It?

If you’re thinking of when you can make, most any occasion will do. If you’re looking for something special to make for your next event or upcoming dinner, etc, you should consider a  mousse cake. They are easy to make and popular with many different types of people so you are sure to please the masses. There are also recipes that call for low sugar or no sugar which makes it a great option for people who can’t have sugar or prefer to not have a lot of sweets in their diet.



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