Icecream Recipes

How Do You Make Ice Cream

How Do You Make Ice Cream

How Do You Make Ice Cream

The ancient people of Persia were the first to enjoy the delicious ice cream. Ice creams till the 10th century were made from ice. In 1851 the industrial mass production of ice creams started in Boston, US. It has been estimated that 90% of US homes enjoy an icecream on a daily basis. You yourself love ice creams but do not know how do you make ice cream. You do not have to worry about this any longer as we would explain to you a few simple easy ways by which you can make icecream at home and enjoy them with your family.


Is it difficult to make a cream based ice cream at home?

Most people enjoy an ice cream which is made from cream, as it is lighter and has more flavors to it. You can make 1 quart of icecream by using these ingredients explained next. These ingredients are using two cups of heavy cream, one cup of whole milk, sugar according to your taste.


• A medium sized saucepan needs to be placed over a medium heat and sugar is added to it. This is the first step while learning How Do You Make Ice Cream. Now sugar is dissolved in the medium heat. It is essential here that you stir the sugar solution constantly. Otherwise it would burn up. Continue your stirring until sugar has dissolved completely.

• Now add the other ingredients to the sugar mixture and blend them well. After all the ingredients have blended into a mixture, you would need to take it away from the heat and allow it to cool at room temperatures.

• Once the mixture has cooled off, you can place it in a refrigerator and freeze it.

• Once the mixture is frozen in the fridge, you need to pour it in the icecream maker. Now the mixture would need to be frozen as per manufacturer’s specification. This process could take one or more hours.

• When the mixture has been partially frozen, you would now need to add flavors. To be on the safe side you can use a vanilla flavor, as this can be used with anything.

• If you want to add fruits or nuts like strawberries, peaches or almonds, you can add them to the mixture now.

• After adding the fruits and nuts, you would need to set the icecream maker into its specific settings.

• Once the icecream has frozen, take the frozen mixture of your icecream and leave it in the freezer for minimum three hours.

• After three hours, your yummy icecream is ready and can be enjoyed by everybody.

How do you make a custard based ice cream?

The difference between a cream based and custard based ice cream is in its rich consistency. A custard based ice cream is quite similar to gelato which was discovered by the Italians. When you are learning How Do You Make Ice Cream, you would realize that the custard based ice creams have main ingredients like four egg yolks, sugar half a cup and a cup of milk.


• In a medium size container heat the milk, till bubbles start forming on the surface. Do not boil the heat.

• Into the hot milk add the four eggs yolk mixture gently. If you mix it fast, you would get scrambled eggs.

• The mixture is then heated up and allowed to thicken for 10 minutes. Using a thermometer you can check of the temperature is 165 degree to 180 degree. Your custard mixture is ready.

• Now chill the custard ice cream mixture in a refrigerator.

• Now add a cup of heavy cream to the mixture and blend it well in the mixture.

• Now add the mixture to the ice cream maker. Before this you can add any fruits, nuts and choc chips of your choice.

• The custard ice cream mixture would be frozen in the ice cream maker over a period of time.

• Once it is frozen, you can take the contents out and put it in a large glass bowl. After this you can freeze it again in the fridge.

• Once this mixture has set, you can enjoy your creamy custard ice cream, a few times.


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